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    rosebud no. 4 - action (+Rosebud S.)

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    +rosebud is a design magazine which sets out to exhaust the potential of paper and 2D-structures by reinventing itself with every issue. +rosebud no. 4 yet again tickles our expectations with progressive graphics, typography and photography, format and topics. This time, an interdisciplinary collective, represented by authors, designers, artists, architects and scientists, went on a research tour to the borderline of cultural space, from 50s Swiss police routine to re-assembled pin-ups. The logbook of this expedition is Action with numerous surprising insights into the mechanism of a fast and faster moving world, constantly changing in the force field between action, responsibility, cause and effect. Not one to shy away from luxury, +rosebud no. 4 is available in a selection of four different cover motives and employs elaborate printing techniques.

    ISBN: 3931126986
    Herausgeber: Die Gestalten Verlag


    • Ralf Herms

    Anzahl Seiten: 208


    Ausführung: Gebundene Ausgabe

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