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    Arvid Gutschow

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    Abstract landscape and industrial photographs by an important representative of New Photography. Growing up in middle-class Hamburg-Blankenese, Arvid Gutschow (1900 1984) came into contact with the medium of photography at an early age through his father, a passionate amateur photographer. Gutschow studied law and later entered the civil service, while also taking photographs. He was particularly interested in topics that he found in nature on the Elbe and North Sea, such as water, sun and sand. Gutschow's photographs were first published in 1930 in the illustrated book See Sand Sonne, which was one of the style-defining photo books of abstract landscape photography and was also considered particularly progressive because of its layout. The illustrated book showed photographs of the sea, mud flats, beaches, dunes and coastal plants; only occasional references to human intervention in nature appeared. This publication compares selected, spectacular photographs of the Hamburg native with those of his contemporary Alfred Ehrhardt. Exhibition: Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Berlin 12.1. March 17, 2013

    ISBN: 9783775735360
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    Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishing House


    • Arvid Gutschow
    • Stefanie Odenthal
    • Andreas J. Büchting

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