Fritz Geerken

Born on 1.10.1912 in Bremen-Blockland. Married to Thea, née Schulze, 4 children. Died on 29.12.1991 in Lilienthal. Lives in Bremen-Borgfeld, Erbrichterweg

Fritz Geerken studied teaching and art in Hamburg from 1933 to 1936. In 1936 he began teaching at the Lehesterdeich school and then worked in Frankenburg. After military service and imprisonment, he became a teacher in Borgfeld in 1947 and taught there until his retirement in 1972. He began painting as a young man. Painting was his second focus alongside teaching. His main subjects were landscapes in northwest Germany, but he also brought many pictures back from numerous study trips to northern and southern Europe. In addition to working with pastels, watercolors and oil paints, he was particularly interested in etchings. He enjoyed experimenting. Numerous exhibitions helped to ensure that he was known and recognized outside of Bremen.

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