Galerie Schluh becomes eV

by Markus Lippeck

After a long winter break, we will start exhibitions again from the end of February 2024.

However, the gallery continues with a slightly different background.
We have seen that the most important impulse is to create a place for meeting and exchange in our house. We also want to understand the handling and organization of exhibitions more from the artist's perspective and promote international art and cultural exchange in the public eye.

The purpose and functions of the association should be:

  • International exchange of art and culture, especially the exchange between artists from different regions and cultures around the world.
  • Promoting and revitalizing modern and international art in the Worpswede artists' colony in the understanding of Heinrich Vogeler's work and work.
  • Design of public space based on the concept and understanding of “social sculpture” according to Joseph Beuys.
  • Organization of art exhibitions, artist presentations, gallery and studio operations.
  • Processing, exhibition and better accessibility to artists' estates.
  • Promoting artistic education by conducting seminars and art classes for children and adults.
  • Events for and by visual and performing artists.
  • Strengthening public perception by operating and promoting online portals and social media.
  • Accommodation for artists, sponsors and those interested in art. Providing studio space.
  • Provision and operation of sovereign IT infrastructures (cloud) and applications for art and cultural businesses as well as non-profit organizations of all kinds.

Press article from Wümme-Zeitung from JULY 3, 2023