Die Galerie stellt sich vor

The gallery introduces itself

by Markus Lippeck

The gallery will pursue three parallel concepts:

- "Garage"
"The young wild". In cooperation with universities, students, initiatives and art associations. External, temporary events also outside of the Schluh premises.

- "Gallery"
Our regular artists with constantly changing solo exhibitions in the gallery.

- "Fine Art"
International art / art trade and mediation

Especially in ours "Gallery" Concept we don't just want to open a new gallery, but... "social & cultural events" with ambience and creating identity.

This also includes the active participation of artists, collectors and curators.

The gallery will always be open, even if we are currently setting up or preparing events or exhibitions. The motto is “participate and experience!”

We want to offer collectors in particular a kind of “carte blanche” to present collections according to their ideas and give them an open stage.

On the property we combine the whole thing with one "Art Residence".
Visitors, interested guests but also artists and curators have the opportunity to stay overnight and work directly in the studio or in the attached holiday apartment;