Markus Lippeck

Born in 1970 in Kempen (now Krefeld). Due to his inclination coupled with his influence through Waldorf education, he cannot imagine a life without creativity and always new, searching, artistic urges. After school, he sought an academic, artistic education, but this was denied him due to the uncertainties of life. In this “professional” context, he sees himself as a “hindered” artist, who, however, gains his creative power from the constant “rumbling” within him. There are a wide variety of trades that interest him: painting, drawing, collage, furniture making, architecture, textile design, graphics, photography and also a bit of music! In recent years he has also collected ideas for working with stone, concrete and ceramics. But his greatest art is and remains the “art of living” and his only true work of art “life itself” and not just in the egoistic, hedonistic sense. In understanding and defining Josepf Beuys' concept of art, he sees the power of art primarily in its effect and existence as a “social sculpture.” In addition to the museum quality, the immediately beautiful, for Markus art should primarily have a “social impact” and ideally be almost “walkable and tangible”. In times of dissolution, “petrification” and collective “bans on thinking”, for Markus an important achievement of art is to (re)develop social forces, to promote discussion, to “free” thoughts and, above all, human ones To give intuition and emotional life a truly effective place (again). Art without a social “hub” is dead! In this sense, he also sees himself in his adopted home of Worpswede in the spirit and tradition of Heinrich Vogeler. The current situation of his artistic work is an archive, “a shell”, which is constantly being filled and still awaits further processing and development. Many concepts have long been completed but are still waiting to emerge. This sleeve is a reflection of his “three lives”. In his “second life” Markus lost his dear wife due to an incredible stroke of fate, who had to leave this world very suddenly and tragically due to complications before the birth of his daughter. She died in Paula. His wife was also a “disabled” artist and qualified textile designer. That's why the studio is still called LIPPECK & LIPPECK today, as a lot of it is connected to his wife's legacy. In particular, the drawings, collages and textile design are a representation and interpretation of Isabella's artistic legacy.


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