Gefährdete Werke des Worpsweder Malers Geerken: Hilfe vom Galeristen

Endangered works by the Worpswede painter Geerken: Help from the gallery owner

by Markus Lippeck

The estate of the Worpswede landscape painter Fritz Geerken was partially damaged by the flood. Now the gallery owner Markus Lippeck is offering his premises for use.

Ms. Geerken, the situation of the pictures hasn't improved much after the flood, has it?

Claudia Geerken: They are all still lying all over the place in the living room because we still have to dry some of them. We start to sort through them a bit, little by little it all comes to light. But we were able to save a lot. They were often just reprints that we actually had to throw in the trash.

They are special pictures that you are naturally attached to - even if they are just reprints, right?

Geerken: In any case. This also brings back memories when you see all the motifs again, but then they end up in the trash. That was a sad sight.

You tried drying the images - did it work?

Geerken: Yes. We were able to dry the ones that got wet. They are a bit wavy, but you can probably straighten them out. But actually very little happened; we were able to save most of the pictures from the basement upstairs.

The gallery owner Markus Lippeck from Worpswede also heard the interview. Mr. Lippeck, you offered help. What could that look like?

Markus Lippeck: We have had a gallery in Worpswede since the middle of last year, but it is now in a longer winter break and is being converted into a different concept: We want to continue to operate it in the form of a non-profit art association. As a result, the rooms - which are around 100 square meters - are currently empty. They are fully equipped, in very good condition, even with gallery rails. I happened to hear this interview because I was also having problems with water in the basement in another part of the building, and I spontaneously reached out with the idea that something could possibly be done about it.

Ms. Geerken, would that be a nice offer?

Geerken: Yes, that sounds great, especially because there are also a lot of Worpswede paintings, which is a great coincidence. But yes, we would definitely need a storage space temporarily.

Lippeck: The special situation is that these rooms are actually available now. The other spontaneous idea is that you could possibly even organize some kind of exhibition, with a reference to what happened, and that way you might get some feedback.

Geerken: That would be great.

Then we would like to connect you and maybe a nice exhibition will come about. And after this has come about a bit through NDR Kultur, could we then accompany you further and perhaps do something about the exhibition or point out something about it?

Lippeck: Yes definitely. We have been active in Worpswede for some time and want to continue to do so with our small club and also have an impact in public.

The interview conducted Philip Schmid .


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