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    serial - individual: craftsmanship in design

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    Do it yourself, personal work, analogue, new craft, social crafting, craft punk. - Craftsmanship has been enjoying new relevance for some time now, especially in connection with design issues. Since the beginning of industrialization, craftsmanship and design have been in a contradictory relationship with one another: they differentiate themselves from one another, and they also relate to one another. Craftsmanship served as both a positive and negative counterpart to the design for the series, appeared obsolete from a design perspective, and then again as a remedy for the excesses of industrial society. This anthology examines from very different perspectives how the new appreciation of craftsmanship in the post-industrial, digitalized society can be explained, whether there are historical continuities or parallels, what current tendencies in design practice and discourse are associated with it and, last but not least, what consequences for current social issues arise from this.

    ISBN: 9783897398146
    Year of publication:
    Publisher: VDG Weimar - publishing house and database for the humanities
    Language: de


    • Gerda Breuer
    • Christopher Oestereich
    • Christine Ax
    • Gabriel Bensch
    • Yvonne Blumenthal
    • Monica Gaspar
    • Gerhard Glatzel
    • Sebastian Hackenschmidt
    • Carolin Höfler
    • Dirk Hohnsträter
    • Stefan Jungklaus
    • Verena Kuni
    • Hermann Rotermund
    • Annika Schindelarz
    • Annina Schneller
    • Zuzana Šebeková
    • Dagmar Steffen
    • Ariane Varela Braga
    • Elke Katharina Wittich

    Number of pages: 255

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    Execution: Paperback

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