• The Best of Helmut Newton: Selections from his photographic work (12ed)

    The Best of Helmut Newton: Selections from his photographic work (12ed)

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    The best of Helmut Newton's photographic work from the 60s to the 90s: with over 100 images, our volume provides a still valid insight into the complete work of the legendary master of erotic production. Fashion, nudes and portraits, Newton's special areas in which he creates a very special, unmistakable combination of luxury, glamor and the vanities of the world, Eros and Thanatos, are representative in their respective developments and are only represented with major works, real Newton icons : the sensational early fashion photos for British Vogue, Liz Taylor with a parrot in the pool, Helmut Berger naked by the fireplace, Helmut Kohl in front of a German oak tree, Salvador Dalí on the drip, the Big Nudes and the late, macabre wax figures. The secret of Helmut Newton (1920–2004) was that he did not allow himself to be blinded by the world of glamour, masquerade and beautiful appearances, but rather illuminated and exposed them brightly - in brilliant images that are more than what they are they show.

    ISBN: 3888147093
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    Publisher: Schirmer Moselle
    Language: de


    • Helmut Newton
    • Naomi Smolik
    • Urs Stahel

    Number of pages: 160


    Execution: Paperback

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