Offene Ateliers Worpswede 2019

Open studios Worpswede 2019

by Markus Lippeck

In July of this year the Open studio days in Worpswede. Our studio is open for you on all three days. WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR VISIT!

Friday to Sunday
12./13. /14. July 2019
11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

Get a taste of studio air – experience contemporary art in Worpswede over a weekend – talk to artists about art; Get insights into creative work processes - this opportunity is offered to you every year on the second weekend in July at the open studios in the artists' village.

For three days, sculptors, painters, graphic artists, textile and jewelery designers, ceramists, goldsmiths, photographers and object artists open their studios and workshops to an art-interested public and inspire visitors from near and far every year.

Markus Lippeck

Objects, furniture, textile design

Markus Lippeck
In the end 71
27726 Worpswede

opening hours
Friday: 11am-6pm
Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

Friday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m
Saturday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m
Sunday: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Every three days, a "guide (web) thread" guides visitors through "Isabella's garden", adventure trail for young and old - "design meets nature"

With the tools of the past and the processes of today, something new is being created that already seemed lost - hand-woven fabrics on furniture and objects as a holistic design.

Because the hand-woven fabric enables a lively surface structure and a diversity that cannot be found in industrial production with materials or is not intended and implementable from an economic point of view. Therefore, this form of textile design and creation contrasts with a cultural loss that is to be revived and brought into the present day in a contemporary context. Not profane but at second glance - post-industrial productive.

In my furniture objects, I take up the textile design of the Bauhaus School of Art, in which innovative hand-woven fabrics were designed and marketed very successfully back then. A homage to 100 years of Bauhaus! The fabrics mostly consist of natural linen and cotton. They are decoratively processed on high-quality "mid-century" design furniture made of fine woods such as teak, cherry or rosewood, as well as garden furniture and decorative objects. The exhibition is dedicated to my dear wife Isabella (Dipl. textile designer and hand weaver †01.04.2019), with whom I developed the work and who unfortunately died suddenly and much too early in childbirth.


Born in 1970, Waldorf student, journeyman furniture maker and winner of “the good form” for furniture design from the Krefeld carpentry guild. Various projects, drawings, collages and photography. Art therapy work with people with disabilities in Marburg Lahn and Ottersberg. Since 2013 development of decorative fabrics, objects and furniture design together with my wife Isabella Lippeck.