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    Going Public: Public Architecture, Urbanism and Interventions

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    The architecture of the last decades has been characterized by the need for representation and differentiation. Today there is a growing counter-movement that relies on public spaces as an opportunity for encounters, exchanges and shared experiences. Going Public presents a current and international selection of exceptional architectural projects in public spaces that pursue various goals: from relaxation and cultural experience to social interaction. As a result of the change from an industrial to an information society, cities are developing new potential. Where churches and market squares used to be the focus of social life, community centers of a different kind are now being built. In addition to squares, parks and pavilions, community gardens, open-air cinemas, temporary installations and other cultural projects are being built. A new public sphere is growing in the heart of the cities, but also on their periphery. Innovative solutions can also be found for classic street furniture requirements - benches, bicycle racks and bus stops. In addition, Going Public presents projects that take us out of urban space and into nature. Contemporary rest huts, observation towers, viewing platforms, educational and hiking trails use public space differently than their traditional counterparts and thus enable different access to the landscape and nature.

    ISBN: 9783899554403
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    Publisher: The Shapes Publishing House


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