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    Imagine Architecture: Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm

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    Visual culture affects architecture and vice versa. A showcase of contemporary artistic positions from installation and sculpture to illustration and photography to design. Urban space is always a reflection of the creative arts. Imagine Architecture examines the question of how visual culture is created through public space and how it influences it again after its creation. The book deals with the interplay between visual culture and architecture and continues the thematic discussion that began in the book Beyond Architecture. Imagine Architecture brings together experimental projects and artistic positions from the fields of illustration, painting, collage, sculpture, photography, installation and design. A young generation of creatives sees urban space as a starting point for their work. When illustrators, sculptors or photographers deal with architecture, the standards of spatial theory are suspended for their art. They use buildings as a medium for their ideas, break with norms and create a new feeling of tension. Whether sculptures, which are created in the context of buildings, or street art, which influences architecture in its form and color, all works interpret and reflect space in their own unique way. The visionary concepts make it possible to playfully expand the definition of architecture. The arts have the potential to recharge public life and drive city change. Imagine Architecture shows works of art that allow themselves to playfully intervene in architecture and experiment with it. As a current showcase of visual culture, the book is aimed not only at architects, but at everyone who sees architecture as a projection surface and source of inspiration.

    ISBN: 9783899555448
    Year of publication:
    Publisher: The Shapes Publishing House


    • Design
    • Luke Feireiss

    Number of pages: 240

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    Execution: Hardback edition

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