• The Story of Eames Furniture: Early Years; The Herman Miller Age

    The Story of Eames Furniture: Early Years; The Herman Miller Age

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    In this unique publication, Marilyn and
    John Neuhart tells the story, to paraphrase
    Charles Eames himself, of how Eames furniture
    got to be the way it is. The Story of
    Eames Furniture is a biography not of an
    individual person, but of arguably the most
    influential and important furniture brand
    of our time. Brimming with more than
    2,500 images and insider information, this
    two-volume book in a slipcase sheds new
    light on the context in which the furniture
    of Charles and Ray Eames was created. It
    documents in unparalleled detail how the
    design process developed in the Eames Office
    as well as the significant roles played
    by specific designers and manufacturers.
    Volume 1 presents the early years of the
    Eames Office and its method of furniture
    design and development. It introduces not
    only Charles and Ray Eames, but also key
    members of their design team including Eero
    Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Herbert Matter, and
    others a widely diverse group of people
    who did the day-by-day work on the furniture
    projects and who together ultimately
    turned contemporary design in a new direction.
    This volume also focuses on Charles
    Eames's early work with plywood and how he
    adapted plywood-molding techniques into a
    system to mass-produce furniture.
    Volume 2 features the period from the
    aftermath of the Second World War through
    1978, the year of Charles Eames's death and
    of the effective, functional end of the Eames
    Office. By explaining the pioneering industry
    processes used with innovative materials
    such as fiberglass, wire, and aluminum, it
    provides incomparable insight into how new
    technologies served as the genesis for the
    Most interesting pieces of Eames furniture.
    This volume also focuses on the role of the
    Herman Miller Furniture Company in the evolution of furniture design at the Eames
    Office and investigates the influence of Don
    Albinson, who was Charles Eames's primary
    designer and technician from the mid-1940s
    to 1960.
    The Story of Eames Furniture celebrates
    Charles Eames's vanguard cultural achievement
    of giving modern society the opportunity
    of materializing its identity through
    furniture design that, even today, still tops
    bestseller lists and has not lost any of its
    original elegance, timelessness, freshness,
    and quality.

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    Charles Eames, born June 17, 1907, and died August 21, 1978, was an American designer and architect who, along with his wife Ray Eames, with whom he often worked in close collaboration, were among the most influential figures of the 20th century 19th century in the fields of design and architecture. Their collective work has had a lasting influence on the furniture industry, product design and architecture. Here are some key aspects of his life and work:

    1. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman: Charles and Ray Eames are particularly known for their Eames Lounge Chair and the accompanying Ottoman. Considered one of the most iconic designs of the 20th century, this piece of furniture stands out for its comfortable, ergonomic design and aesthetics.

    2. Experiments with New Materials: Charles Eames was a pioneer in the use of new materials such as fiberglass, plywood and aluminum in furniture and architecture. This resulted in innovative designs that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    3. Film and Multimedia: The Eameses have also produced a number of short films that showcased their design philosophy and ideas. One of her most famous works is the film "Powers of Ten," which shows the magnitudes in the universe.

    4. Bauhaus Influence: Charles Eames was heavily influenced by the ideas and principles of the Bauhaus, particularly designers Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. These influences can be seen in many of her works.

    5. Teachers and role models: Charles Eames taught at Black Mountain College and later at the Institute of Design in Chicago. He influenced many aspiring designers and architects, including some who became famous in their own rights.

    6. Eames Office: The Eames Office became a kind of creative laboratory where Charles and Ray Eames and their associates worked on a variety of projects in design, architecture, film and multimedia.

    Charles and Ray Eames' designs are timeless and are still made and can be seen in many design museums around the world. They exemplify the fusion of art and technology that shaped 20th-century design, and their influence extends far beyond their time.

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