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    The Time of the Force Majeure: After 45 Years Counterforce Is on the Horizon

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    This book offers a 21st-century manifesto from the pioneers of the eco-art movement. Since the 1970s Helen and Newton Harrison have been creating art inspired by the earth. They established a worldwide network among biologists, ecologists, architects, urban planners, politicians, and other artists to initiate collaborative dialogues about ideas and solutions which support biodiversity and community development. This definitive survey traces an influential joint career that has lasted nearly half a century. Organized chronologically, it features works from each decade, from their earliest installations to their continent-traversing work of the 1990s; and their most recent works both educating people about global warming and designing large scale responses to the phenomena itself.

    ISBN: 9783791355498
    Year of publication:
    Publisher: Prestel


    • Helen Mayer Harrison
    • Newton Harrison
    • Anne Douglas
    • Christopher Fremantle
    • William L. Fox

    Number of pages: 462


    Execution: Gebundene Ausgabe

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