Die russische Malerin ANNA SCHILL zu Gast in unserem Atelier!

The Russian painter ANNA SCHILL as a guest in our studio!

by Markus Lippeck

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the painter ANNA SCHILL during the Open studios Worpswede 2020 will be our guest:

The Russian painter and art teacher Anna Schill came to Germany almost two years ago.
In her homeland she ran an art school, among other things.

For the open studios Worpswede 2020, she shows visitors a small selection of the already

works created in her new adopted home of Bremen.

In addition to landscapes of bright light and strong colors, her depictions are particularly captivating

of female nudes and portraits in "floral poses" and dream-like relationships.

"When my homeland crumbles to ashes,
but it is still light and beautiful outside,
the bird's wings
will spread over me
like a blue skirt
and his voice will ring
like the mother's sounds.

But he knows no mercy
he rages in hatred.
Through his eyes
he is looking for the survivors
in each of her feathers he is whole;
he will dance with me around the fire!

But I am mute
and calmer than silence.
So I'm already between the worlds
- the spirit
and the ancestors.

My head is empty
and without a new question,
just like my heart is beating now
in new beats"