Kommende Ausstellung - Olivier Lamboray - ab 16.Juni 2024 "Sommerträume"

Upcoming exhibition - Olivier Lamboray - from June 16, 2024 "Summer Dreams"

by Markus Lippeck

We are very happy to be able to bring an exciting exhibition to Worpswede with Olivier!

Triggered by the relocation of his life to Germany, we want to help make his fantastic, incredibly loving and detailed paintings accessible to the public.

The exhibition will open on June 16, 2024 in the large foyer of the gallery.

The vernissage will be accompanied by an event with musical performances by a group of young music students.

Title and motto of the opening event and the exhibition:



Olivier Lamboray (1968) - The artist's vision

The internationally award-winning Olivier Lamboray (1968) is a Belgian surrealist painter currently living in Germany. He has been painting since 1992 and has had many successful exhibitions in Belgium, the USA, Monaco, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, France, Thailand, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Guinea.

"Painting is my journey and it defines who I am."

Surrealism is at the heart of Belgian culture and since my childhood I have been fascinated by the magical feeling of the surreal dream.
I have been painting for 30 years and have spent many years travelling the world, living mostly in remote places, from the Himalayas to a nearly deserted island in the Andaman Sea.

"Often these were places where time seemed to stand still and where I could only turn to my inner self and connect my visions and thoughts with the vital questions."

A puzzle to be solved in order to find meaning. A path full of experiences that, little by little, shaped my goals and my vision of life, but also myself. A complicated labyrinth through the darkness of the mind... And it paved the way to illuminate the rest of my life.

Over the years I have developed a very personal style, classic but inviting and full of surprises.

"He is always positive, sometimes nostalgic, but full of love."

Stories from my heart. It shows a world where I feel really comfortable, where the sky is always blue, where I forget the reality and the harshness of this world and the gravity that pulls us down. I like to let elements float, to mix things, to make my stories romantic, to embrace love like a half-hidden, half-perceived secret. The settings are half present and half imaginary, they appear and disappear, reflecting the transience of life and the bottomless ground of reality.

"Is it just a dream, a thought or a mental construction?"

By addressing different levels of perception, my style highlights the importance of the viewer and their role in understanding this world. Evaporating elements or bricks on some walls allow to see through the present and transport people to a seemingly different time in space. The evolution of the place itself, from the origin of life to the present moment. Same place, different time. Do they overlap? Would they still exist if we traveled to another dimension of time/space dynamics? What is our role in this perception? Is it just a personal construction, and can we transcend this level to another and reach deeper layers of life itself? Looking through the curtain of reality sends me to other times in space and past stories. The effects of leftover energy and self-repeating cycles. This evokes feelings we cannot always understand, those "déjà vu" feelings we feel deep inside but don't know where they come from and when. The infinity of the soul. The imprints of our actions floating in the universe.

I like walking this path, opening gigantic clocks like vortexes and traveling to other dimensions, discovering other wonders, deep within me. There is this deep feeling that it is just there, at the tip of my finger. This amazing feeling of seeing these dreamlike apparitions, creations of the mind, and being able to bring them to life through my hand. The energy of a thought turning into something real down here on Earth, in my studio, on my canvas, is incredible. Creating. From the ethereal to the real. The pure freedom of creation, its infinite vastness. To fetch secrets from somewhere far away in space and to be able to present them right before our eyes is magical. It is all there, within me, within us. We just have to delve deeper to experience the beauty of life itself, through eternity.

While love is the main driving force of my work, my research focuses on the concept of time, its transience, our place in the universe, space, its wonders and mysteries.
Every picture brings me closer to who I really am.

Whaoaaw what a trip. It's amazing!

More information on Olivier's website